AEDIPE has as its main target to ensure that the Congress meets the attendees’ expectations and to achieve their complete satisfaction with the contents, speakers and formats on the programme, so that the days invested in the event contribute to their professional betterment and to development of the organisations they work for.

We aim to achieve an OPEN, GLOBAL and ACTIVE Congress, with the following specific objectives :

1. Open congress

“If I have seen further it is by sitting on the shoulders of giants”. Isaac Newton.

We aim to encourage a wide-reaching, rigorous and interdisciplinary look at the chosen subject, “The future of work”, by means of a 360º approach including different perspectives, both due to the variety of fields of knowledge present (legal, economic, philosophical, political, social, etc.), and to the diversity of the people who represent them.

The programme therefore includes speakers from the university environment, directors of international organisations related to the subject at hand, company general managers, people from the trade union world and other social agents to create a space for respectful and enriching open reflection and discussion.

2. A global congress

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” André Gide.

We live and work in an increasingly more connected and complex world. We are dependent on one another. That’s why the Congress will have the presence of universities, institutions and companies that work and compete in the world. In the programme we combine a variety of sectors, global and local perspectives, and different dimensions to guarantee that all attendees will find valid references to inspire them and contribute to their professional development.

3. An active congress

“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand”. Confucius.

Three plenary conferences are envisaged, in classic format, combined with others more open and participatory: conversations with different points of view, round tables with 3-4 participants and discussion with those present.
But that’s not enough. We want to facilitate relations between the attendees, to bring them closer to one another and to encourage them to share their knowledge, points of view and experiences. To achieve this, among other activities we have designed a workshop at which the attendees themselves will take the lead, because we can’t allow ourselves the luxury of missing out on the opportunity to connect the people who will gather in Pamplona over these two days.